Saturday, September 13, 2008

Over the Edge is Dead

Well, not really. Just the online part. Right now, the editorial staff is focused on putting out a top-notch, high-quality newspaper for your enjoyment, and doesn't have time for dalliances in this whole "Web 2.0" thing. Neither should you. Instead, you should be volunteering for Over the Edge. Just e-mail, or drop by the office (in the Wintergarden for now, but soon to be in the new NUSC building), to find out how.

In the meantime, you can explore the old stories on this site, and you can check out even older ones here and here.


Over the Edge prints over 3000 copies on a biweekly basis and is freely distributed to the student population of UNBC. This an ideal way to reach your target demographics while at the same time supporting a volunteer-run organization.


Business Card (4" X 2") $30
Banner (11" X 2 ") $75
Strip (2" X 14 ") $95
Quarter-page (4" X 7 ") $125
Half-page (11" X 7 ") $250
Full page (11" X 14") $400
Full back page (10" X 12.5") $450

telephone: 250-960-5633
fax: 250-960-5407
email:, subject line Advertisement.

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