Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Is Canada For?

Yesterday, Dr. Michael Byers visited UNBC to talk about the thesis of his new book; namely that Canada is an independent nation, despite the predictions made by George Grant forty-three years ago. One of his central arguments was that there's more to nationhood that economic control, ergo economic dependency on the United States doesn't immediately lead to joining the United States. He cited the Liberal decisions not to join the Iraq War or the North American missile defence system as examples of Canadian sovereignty. He also criticized current PM Stephen Harper for not showing enough independence on foreign policy, particularly on the environment and in military operations.

What do you think? Is Canada on a downward slope towards joining the United States? Or are we becoming more independent? Has Harper's government been too pro-American? Or by supporting the United States does Canada increase its influence in the world? Add a comment below, or email over-the-edge@unbc.ca to let us know what you think.

More on Dr. Byer's talk will be in the next issue of Over the Edge.

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